Package licensechecker
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Package licensechecker

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Contains a set of sub modules implemeting all the classes needed to check that a set of source files (in various programming languages) contain a standard or user-defined license header.

Submodules [hide private]
  • licensechecker.commentextractor: Defines classes used to extract comment headers from source files with their associated information.
  • licensechecker.commentinfo: Defines classes to handle the description of comments in various programming languages.
  • licensechecker.fileinfo: Defines classes handling the association of file types (mostly programming languages but any type can be described) and file extensions, and allowing the lookup of either from the other.
  • licensechecker.filescanner: Defines a class that handles directory scanning, and calls handler methods for matching files.
  • licensechecker.licenseinfo: Defines classes handling license information : the actual license text, but also license properties (variables substituted when installing license headers in source files), and a license descriptor.